Allen Center

Houston, Texas

The redevelopment of Allen Center involved the renovation of a complex of three buildings possessing the largest contiguous acreage in the Central Business District. The three office towers, contain 3,000,000 gross square feet and are connected to each other by skybridge links at the second level. The property also includes an existing 5,000 car parking garage, retail, four sky¬bridges, food court, and 8.2 acre perimeter and courtyard. It was the intended outcome of this project to fully reposition the Allen Center complex in the local marketplace to a strengthened Class A status.

The design solution defined a singular, unified identity for the complex of three buildings of independent style and design, yet maintained each building’s unique presence. A further requirement of the program was to create predominant entry points into the complex and individual buildings to further enhance the Project’s image and recognition. The design solution that evolved centered on the initial theme of creating a ‘belt’ that circled and unified the complex, and featured an articulated ‘belt buckle’ to serve as the primary entry point into the complex. This ‘buckle’ further reinforces the visual identity of the Allen Center complex. New granite paving, landscaping, sculptural light bollards, entry portals, graphics, and other consistently detailed items comprise the ‘belt’ defining the perimeter of the Project.