Georgia’s Market

Location: Houston, Texas

Georgia’s Market is a local café and grocer that sells organic food and local produce. Located at the corner of Main and Prarie, in downtown Houston, Texas, Georgia’s hired Ziegler Cooper to renovate the space where Byrd’s Market formerly operated. The original building was built by Fretz Construction in 1934. In 2006, Fretz Construction renovated the former retail business as Byrd’s Loft. The upper floors remain residential lofts, designed by Ray + Hollington architects, where Bob Fretz, Jr., lives, while the ground floor and basement were remodeled to house Georgia’s Market.

Renovations included updates to the original Byrd’s space, expanding the market into the recently-acquired space adjacent to their building and building out a basement that would serve as an underground basement, wine cellar and catering kitchen. The building was restored to its original luster as designed by architect Joseph Finger in the Art Deco style that was prevalent in the 1930’s. However, unlike some of Finger’s other creations, the buildings simplicity is almost completely devoid of ornamentation, relying almost exclusively on large plate-glass windows set in horizontal channels for decorative effect. The design and build-out was a quick moving project that allowed the firm to showcase some of our more innovative design ideas for community gathering spaces. The project utilizes recycled and reclaimed materials throughout the space, including reclaimed hardwood flooring, that was used to clad the cabinets and servery. Updates also included restoring the original Terrazo floor. The owners wanted to capture Houston’s unique spirit through the use of rustic wood accented by contemporary steel and tile.