Northeast Houston Baptist Church

Humble, Texas

Northeast Houston Baptist Church is located on 30 acres just south of the Kingwood area on West Lake Houston Parkway. The church is a fairly new campus developed in 2002 as a mission church from Forest Cove Baptist. Under the leadership of Nathan Leno, the church was growing fast and it was necessary to re-look at a master plan that fit the ministries and philosophy of the congregation. A master plan was developed in late 2006, and soon after the phase 1 component was designed. The long term master plan includes a worship center to seat 2,500 to 3,000 people, a comprehensive child’s ministry building and adult education. To accommodate the growth until the large worship center is built the leadership settled on a program to double the capacity of the current worship center. The most economical strategy was to add onto both the east and the west ends of the current facility. The project was broken into phase 1A and 1B. For economic reasons phase 1A (60,000 sf of new construction and 11,000 sf of major renovations) which was completed in December of 2010, added on to the west end of the existing building. This solution allowed the church to remain in worship in the current facility until the very end of the construction process. The design provides a new and striking visual end, addressing the traffic on West Lake Houston Parkway. It also extensively remodeled the lobby spaces, rest room spaces and took care of needed security measures and freshened up the early childhood spaces. The church anticipates adding phase 1B which includes permanent administrative spaces and a new youth center.