Ziegler Cooper Takes Home Structural Ingenuity Award at CANstruction 2014

Ziegler Cooper’s entry for this year’s CANstruction, “An AmeriCAN Feast,” won the award for Structural Ingenuity this past Saturday evening, with an 8′ tall, 2,252-CANmade Mayflower entry whose elaborate structure was assisted only by tape. The idea behind its design was that the Mayflower represents those first steps taken toward freedom, prosperity and feast, as reflected in the goals of CANstruction itself. The subtle details of the ship were created using wholesome food products typically found during the Thanksgiving meal, themselves symbolizing the first steps taken toward a healthy life and giving thanks for all that we have.

Led by Captain Juliana Young (seen speaking to Channel 39 News about the design and construction of “An AmeriCAN Feast”), the event was a success thanks to the hard work of the following dedicated shipmates:

Alma Villanueva, Amanda Teeter, Amy Vo, Beth Weathers, Bobby McGhee, Caroline Smith, Chris Petrash, AIA, Craig Uptmor, Denny Simon, AIA, Enes Okic, Gabe Olmos, Gregory Benjamin, Jim Zemski, AIA, John Bellian, AIA, Karen Bischof, Karen Rand, Ken Cvejanovich, AIA, Lauren Winterbauer, Ryan Wilson, Scott Griffith and Steve Zemski

Click here for more information on the event.