America Tower

Houston, Texas

After the completion of a master plan, renovation to the 1,000,000 square foot, 43-story office tower, was completed in order to create an architectural iconic top element and entrance canopy, a new welcoming lobby, and unify overall exterior materials. Finishes were selected to provide sparkle and permanence. The building, a classic modern design, needed some fresh ideas to create focal points and enhance wayfinding. The building towers above all its surroundings, providing a view of the top from miles away.

A carefully proportioned canopy drop-off made of glass, metal and concrete contrasts the heavy tower with a light transparent structure supported from concrete masts. The new canopy repositioned the entrance and allowing for the creation of a new main lobby as well as improved street visibility. The distinctive water fountain feature at street level provides a distinctive back drop for signage as well as a contribution to the public realm.