Houston, Texas

Apache Corporation is an independent energy company that explores, develops, and produces natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids. Ziegler Cooper Architects design team was originally retained to design an interconnecting monument stair between their two executive levels. This initial project led to a twenty-year relationship in which Ziegler Cooper Architects was charged with a multitude of tasks ranging from facilities services, a 180,000 s.f. restack and consolidation, a heritage center inclusive of main reception, heritage and cultural gallery, training rooms and break room, a state of the art marketing floor, reselection of interior finish standards, furniture and art selection and several floor renovations. The total project present day includes 497,592 sf of continuous facility design services.

In 1996, Ziegler Cooper Architects design team was retained to perform a restack and adjacency plan of departments that were scattered due to dual office locations at One Post Oak Central and Sage Plaza. Ziegler Cooper Architects consolidated Apache in one location by better utilizing the existing space occupied by Apache in One Post Oak Central. Today, Apache occupies all 25 floors of the building, as well as eight floors in Three Post Oak Central.

One of the proclaimed projects Ziegler Cooper Architects completed for Apache Corporation includes The Heritage Center, the new entrance for Apache Corporation’s World Headquarters and more importantly a spectacular view of Apache’s history, strategy and vision. The heritage center gallery which is circular in shape, contains interactive plasma screens and a historical pictorial while a curved stepped wall extends from the heritage center gallery to tell their present day story. Opposite the curved wall, the Cultural Center Gallery contains recessed vignettes exposing cultural artifacts spanning the firm’s global presence and cultural outreach philosophy.

A second stand out project is the Level 16 marketing floor which was a radical departure from all enclosed offices typical of the Apache culture. The open environment showed their global marketing activities and nurtured the dynamic, open and transparent bustle of the department while the finishes maintained the expression of the company’s corporate philosophy and sophistication.