Austin, Texas

With the mission to unleash the potential in every team and help advance humanity through the power of software, Atlassian helps the world’s greatest innovators develop game-changing technology. From early on in the design process, Atlassian emphasized the importance of creating a values-driven culture that can scale with the organization. The intent was simple: to define the “guardrails and framework” and allow for the organization to grow and shift from there. A sustainable culture not only means one that’s always changing, but one that’s also informed by a shared set of values. There are several long-standing rituals surrounding the importance of culture that the workspace fosters and maintains. Firstly, Atlassians have a Friday morning tradition of breakfast in the kitchen to get to know one another on a more personal level. Furthermore, once per quarter, teams step outside their day-to-day roles to “create, build and fix”; collaborating in conference rooms, the living room, patios, or the Charlie Bar, they unleash the power of the team.