CAD Document Support



  • 2 year drafting, AutoCAD or Revit certificate.


  • 2-3 years of relevant full-time work experience.
  • Facility documentation services including site survey, CAD input, area calculations and lease control book.
  • General knowledge of BOMA under Experience to be ANSI/BOMA Z65.1-2017.


  • Survey existing spaces with as-built partitions.
  • Input or revise CAD database to reflect as-built partition survey.
  • Assist with area calculations on commercial interior projects.
  • Prepare lease control book.
  • Report to Senior Project manager for day to day responsibilities.

Communication Skills:

  • Has proven verbal presentation skills.
  • Has proven graphic presentation skills.
  • Has proven client communication skills.

Technical Skills:

  • Is proficient in AutoCAD and experienced with Revit.
  • Is proficient in Microsoft Office.

Professional Qualities and Behaviors:

  • Collaborates effectively on a team basis.
  • Maintains a positive and professional attitude.


CAD Document Support