Creating a Building Committee

How many members are too many?

You know your church community best and which ministry groups need representation for the facilities being planned. But large committees can be inefficient for the work of design and construction. 6-8 members have traditionally been the most successful committee size.

Recognizing and Defining a Unified Vision.

As with all communities, shared purpose and vision are critical for a church. Building consensus among the committee and community members with varying ideas is one of our greatest strengths

What is a Building Committee?

A Building Committee is a group comprised of Church members that help determine the size, arrangement, and character of the building project. They are an integral part of the design process and continue to represent the church through construction. A construction or architectural background is not necessary, but a commitment to and knowledge of the church and how the building should be used is key. A committee made up of 6-8 members representing the church body and a common goal will be successful. This committee is separate from a finance council but will work closely with a contractor reviewing estimates though the design process. Meeting frequencies vary: During the design phases, meetings can be held every 2-3 weeks. During construction, progress meetings with the contractor are often held every 2 weeks throughout the course of construction.

Committee Member Qualifications:

  • Knows their ministry well and the church in general
  • Has availability and commitment to participate in regular meetings
  • Open minded and willing to work with others
  • Loves the church & is committed to the church’s mission