Extracting Value from Existing Build-Out

ZCA was honored to have been selected by Yetter Coleman to assist with its relocation in downtown Houston. The unique challenge of this project was to adapt space originally designed for a property management firm to the needs of this cutting-edge trial and appellate law firm.


ZCA tailored the design to reuse several aspects of the existing space to meet the needs of Yetter Coleman’s program. For example, the program called for conference rooms located near the reception area and private offices around the perimeter. Further, the existing indirect lighting diffused and reduced glare. Accordingly, ZCA’s design called for the reuse of all of those spaces and lighting that could be repurposed, saving Yetter Coleman significant precious resources.


The judicious use of construction was limited to only those spaces that could not be reused. Even then, the new spaces blended in with the existing space to make a single cohesive office. Additional private offices were designed to perfectly match the existing ones to meet Yetter Coleman’s cultural needs for the size parity of private offices around the exterior while smaller offices, conference rooms and support areas were located near the building core. The court room and other new common spaces incorporated a backdrop of black-and-white photography of historic and iconic courthouses around Texas to link the old and new spaces, symbolically linking the history of Yetter Coleman with its promising future.


Overall, this project was a tremendous value for Yetter Coleman. By working together, we realized significant savings over traditional office relocations while simultaneously blending new and existing spaces that reflect the Yetter Coleman of today and in the future.

Lobby & Coffee Bar Improvements

To take advantage of the large windows and downtown views, we redesigned the coffee bar in their reception lobby and all new appliances and finishes inside the breakroom.

Adapting Existing Construction

We retained the locations of the existing offices and large conference rooms, by incorporating the existing areas into our current scheme we were able to save money and build-out time while adhering to the client’s requirements and budget.


The majority of the existing offices are located around the perimeter of the floor plate and incorporate floor to ceiling glass windows. We took advantage of the abundance of natural light and defused lighting systems in each office. The new furniture solution provides the client with plenty of storage and desk space.

Mock Courtroom

When preparing for an upcoming court-date, there’s no better place to practice than a mock courtroom. Complete with a judges bench, testimonial stand, and jury booth, ZCA designed a functional space that meets the client’s needs. On the walls, the project’s art program consists of black & white fine art photos that pay homage to iconic court houses in Texas.

Multi-Purpose & Training Room

We created a sizeable Multi-purpose room with training tables and ample amounts of seating. This room also incorporates the latest video conference technology and continues the clients’ Texas courthouse art program.

Column Wrap Shelves

Adding Functionality to otherwise unused space, we wrapped display shelving with lighting around existing columns to display the client’s awards and achievements.


ZCA has been fortunate to have worked for many dozens of law firms from all practice focus areas. Our clients span firms of all sizes; regional and national; traditional and progressive. We are passionate about what we do and create individual designs to meet each client’s individual needs and goals while striving to create a workplace that assists in function while supporting and telling the story of each client’s unique culture.


We would be delighted to assist you with your law office workplace needs, whether you are considering a relocation requiring test-fits, a rethink of space allocations, or simply need a freshen up of your current space.


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