Helix Energy Solutions

Houston, Texas

Helix Energy Solutions provides subsea construction, inspection, maintenance, repair and salvage services to the offshore natural gas and oil industry. Ziegler Cooper worked closely with Helix on the completion of a 88,713 s.f. corporate headquarters relocation and consolidation to 8 West Centre where they are the lead tenant and occupy more than half of the four-story tilt wall building.

The client’s dynamic business model utilizes a universal open and closed office module which allows for significant built-in flexibility to accommodate a variety of combinations of workspace types for different departments. Open workstations occupy window wall on long sides of the building, with inboard private offices. Private offices have as much glass as possible to allow daylight into interior work spaces. The break rooms are well-appointed and centrally located to encourage employee relaxation and interaction. The overall design of the space is calm and monochromatic but also entails a rich color and material palette creating a contemporary feel.