How to Speak Construction (Glossary of Terms)

  • BIM: “Building Image Modeling”- A computer modeling tool and process Architects and Engineers use to create and integrate multiple building systems into a single 3D building model
  • CAD: “Computer Aided Design”- Computer Software utilized by Architects and Engineers to develop Construction Documents
  • HVAC: “Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning”
  • IFC: “Issued for Construction”- Relating to a set of Construction Documents ready for Construction
  • MEP: “Mechanical (air-conditioning & heating), Electrical, and Plumbing”
  • RFI: “Request for Information”- Questions sent from the Contractor to the Architect during the Bidding and Negotiation and Construction Administration Phases
  • RFP: “Request for Proposal”- Often requested of the Architect by the Owner for a proposal of services and cost
  • RFQ: “Request for Qualifications”- This is a request made by the Owner of the Architect, Contractor, Consultants and Engineers of their relevant experience for the proposed project
  • SOQ: “Statement of Qualifications”- This is a response document to the RFQ (Request for Qualifications)
  • SUP: “Specific Use Permit”- A permit issued by the city authorizing land use allowed by the zoning district but may require special exemptions