Light up the Mood

Enlighten yourself through lighting design

Lighting, now more than ever, plays an important role in the interior workspace to help create comfortability and productivity. Good lighting is essential and sets the tone for the interior space which elevates an individual’s overall experience. Designing purposeful lighting has been proven to enhance the value to the function of architecture and can create a visually dynamic space, enhancing every feature selected for the area – furniture, flooring, finishes, and textures.

The lighting of interior spaces is an important factor that should be considered at the beginning of the design process, that is often missed. But, as Pablo Pardo once said, “lighting should take a front row seat, because it has the capacity to create harmony between all the elements of a space.” The beauty of strategic planning will support decision making on where to build walls, pick materials to use, and where to place furniture to optimize the light your office needs. For example, designating space by department needs helps with determining if an office should be near a window or in a more controlled area depending on the type of work your employee will be engaged in daily.

Knowing how crucial good lighting can be, its essential that you maximize your workspace and take advantage of natural light and plan your space accordingly. As interior experts we are steadily analyzing the basic concepts of direction, intensity, color, and contrast that support good lighting. When it comes to office lighting it’s not just the aesthetics, but the psychological impact it has on the workers. Good lighting mixed with good design will provide your employees an overall better lifestyle in and outside of the workplace. Studies have proven lighting will increase focus time, reduce eye fatigue, helps people sleep better, and decreases the amount of people who are sick. It is known that when lighting it is done right, it’s brilliant.

About the Author

Liz Friedman, IIDA, LEED AP BD+C

Liz received her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from the University of Texas at Austin and has 22 years of experience and over 13 years of tenure at Ziegler Cooper. She is a creative and innovative thinker who is driven by creating a better workplace through a story. Each project is a unique journey that begins with asking questions and evolves into listening, interpreting and creating distinct design solutions that exceed the clients goals and objectives. Motivated by curiosity, Liz stays current on workplace design and market sector trends to understanding what is driving change in different industries and has a passion for sustainability that has resulted in numerous LEED registered projects.

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