Maria Aquino to officially retire from ZCA after 20 years of service to the company.

Maria Aquino joined ZCA on October 18, 1999, and was promoted to Associate Principal in 2008.

She initially started work with Karen Bischof in the Landlord Studio but was quickly recruited by the Corporate Studio because of her previous working experience and technical expertise.  Maria primarily worked with Paul Wilkinson and Jim Hanlin’s team for most of her career.

Since Paul & Jim’s retirement, Maria has worked with a number of project managers while helping to mentor the next generation.   Her contributions to the firm’s ongoing training have been invaluable.

During her tenure at ZCA, Maria was involved with numerous projects including the following notable projects and accounts:

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Apache Corporation
  • Mehaffy Weber Law Firm
  • Briggs and Veselka
  • Puffer Sweiven
  • CGG Veritas
  • Veteran’s Evaluation Services

Because of Maria’s dedication to the firm and her clients, we maintain long-standing business relationships with all the clients named above. On behalf of the ZCA Board and Workplace Interiors Leadership, we are very grateful for her years of service to ZCA, the Workplace Interiors Studio, and her clients.