Metropolis Magazine Hosts Think Tank Discussion Panel in ZCA Office

Metropolis Magazine’s Susan Szenasy visited the Ziegler Cooper office to lead a Think Tank discussion with a distinguished panel, including our own Scott Ziegler, Dawna Houchin, Manuel Navarro, Downtown District’s Director of Design & Planning Lonnie Hoogeboom, and Midway CEO Jonathan Brinsden.

America is experiencing a shift in urbanization patterns due to changing lifestyles and workplace demographics. As U.S. cities like Houston evolve from suburban sprawl to urban districts, vibrant, walkable neighborhoods with a distinct sense of place are needed. When communities are bolstered by amenities like cafes and tree-lined promenades, along with offices, housing, retail, and recreation, neighborhoods can thrive, presenting an opportunity for thoughtful development. And while the mixed-use model presents creative challenges to planners and developers, if done right, cities become truly livable, offering citizens a rich urban experience and investors substantial dividends.

You can watch the full recorded live stream on Metropolis Magazine’s Facebook page here.