Park Towers

Houston, Texas

Among the drivers for the redevelopment of these two buildings was the necessity to differentiate them from other Class-A products. With a combined 300,000 square feet of vacant office space, attracting and retaining tenants for Park Towers required the addition of new amenities that are expected in today’s competitive market – without losing any leasable space. By locating the new fitness and conference center on the top level of the parking garage, a dramatic transformation of the buildings was achieved. Amenities now include in-building dining, outdoor park benches, high-performance fitness facility with sweeping views towards Buffalo Bayou, and a tech-savvy conference center. Together, these enhancements help create a progressive live/work/play atmosphere that fulfills tenants’ needs and enriches their overall daily work experience.

The lobbies are striking in their beauty and attention to detail. Standard installation practice would have resulted in a randomness to the flooring that in no way resembled the natural striations of the stone. For this redevelopment, the stone floor was first dry laid in order to create a harmony of movement in the sediment lines of the stone. The accent wall pulls inspiration from the strata of mountain sediment. The vein cut stone for the walls was also dry laid in order to reassemble the stone close to its natural state. The Paonzanno marble of the reception desk was hand chiseled by an artist in order to create the dramatic waterfall edge, accented with rich wood.