Pope John XXIII High School – Student Center

Katy, Texas

After the completion of their competition gymnasium, Pope John XXIII, a growing Catholic High School in Katy, Texas, move forward with the next phase of their master plan, a new Student Center. Connected to the recent gymnasium, the new 25,000 square foot Student Center features an Auditorium/Dining Hall, daily Mass will also be held in the new space, Music Suite with Practice Rooms, Offices and Storage, Art Room with Kiln, testing center and counseling offices and Mac lab. The Student Commons was also extended to the north and incorporates a School Spirit Store and serves as an additional entry to either the gym or the Student Center.

The Auditorium and Dining Hall features a 2-story outdoor student gathering area designed to continue the development of the student quadrangle that was set in place with phase one. The articulated massing of the main structure continues the scale and proportion of the phase one building. Due the volume of the main room the new hall tends to bookend the lower volume spaces with the arched roof gymnasium. Clerestory windows allow natural light to spill into the interiors a strategy developed with the gymnasium

Designed to seat 400 to 450 at tables and 600 to 650 in theater arrangement, the Auditorium/ Dining Hall will function for the next few years as the school’s main auditorium, cafeteria or for Mass. As the Master Plan is developed a Chapel and Performing Arts Center are scheduled to be added. The interior design of the main is light-filled, colorful and dynamic. Adding to the interest of the space are Wood panel clouds that while playful in nature are designed to establish an acoustically solid room.

Adjacent to the Auditorium & Dining hall is the new Music Suite which will be used by both band and choir. The character of the Room mimics the main room by incorporating significant top light, creating a visually alive room and adding good volume to benefit the band function. Three soundproof practice rooms, an office and instrument and uniform storage are incorporated in the overall design.

The new Learning Center is reached through the north lobby which doubles as a Gallery which will be used to display student art work. The Learning Center features an Art Classroom, 4 offices, a testing center, the Mac Lab, one additional classroom and restrooms.