Repsol (Research Forest Lakeside 5)

The Woodlands, Texas

Owner: Repsol
Completed: 2014
Size: 192,071 SF

Repsol, an international oil and gas exploration and production company, contracted Ziegler Cooper in early 2011 to test fit their North American Headquarters in the eight-story, Building 5. In 2012, Ziegler Cooper was engaged to provide interior design services. The building is a 192,071 square foot, amenity-rich workplace that provides Repsol the opportunity for consolidation and allows for future growth.

A café on the first floor looks onto a landscaped creek and lake, complete with private dining rooms, outdoor dining space and dock area. The second floor contains Repsol’s conference center with several large multi-function rooms, and a state-of-the-art VIZ center. Natural light and the feeling of transparency and openness were important to the client, so the ends of the building overlooking the lake and the entry fountain were kept open for workstations. Building 5 is certified LEED Gold.