Selecting a Contractor in a Negotiated Process

Contractor Evaluation & Interview Preparation

A list can be formed by asking the architect to recommend contractors that they had a good history with and are sized suitably for the project, or good experiences the church had with their past campus projects.

  • Create a list of 4-5 contractors you are interested in learning more about.
  • Solicit Qualifications from them and select 3 to interview.
  • Invite each of the 3 prospective contractors, sending scope and design plans out to the contractors
  • Invite each team to tour the future job site with the Facilities Administrator or Committee Chairman and architect.
  • Create a list of questions of what is important to the church to request answers a week in advance of the interviews
  • Request availability for the interview night and schedule when and where will the interviews be held
  • Inform how many from the church will be attending the interviews.
  • Note if a screen, projector, or T.V. will be available?

Interview Area Accommodations

Schedule an interview room large enough to hold the Committee, Architects, and up to 6 from the contractor teams. Set up tables in an arch or U shape and prepare any special projection equipment if offered. Have a helper welcome teams arriving early and direct them to a waiting room.

Contractor Interviews

The process of selecting a contractor can be done in one evening as most of the questions have been answered and committee scheduling conflicts can be avoided. This is a time for each company to present their best qualities and give the committee an opportunity to experience their personalities to find the best fit. Many are well qualified and will have similar processes. Who are you going to be able to communicate best with? Though it is a long meeting, it is encouraged to select a contractor that day as the presentations are fresh, the committee is present, and the prior research has been done.

Typical Interview Schedule:

  • 15 min for the committee to convene
  • 15 min. 1st Presenter set up & introductions
  • 45 min 1st Interview (30 min presentation / 15 min for Q&A)
  • 15 min 2nd Presenter set up & introductions
  • 45 min 2nd Interview (30 min presentation / 15 min for Q&A)
  • 15 min 3rd Presenter set up & introductions
  • 45 min 3rd Interview (30 min presentation / 15 min for Q&A) 30 min to deliberate and make a selection

Approx.: 3 hours 45 min process

To arrive at a consensus, many committees go around the room asking for the top 2 that stand out to each of the committee members to eliminate 1, then talk through what aspects of the remaining 2 stood out. From there, 1 company generally rises above the other, but another vote can be taken.

Many hours were spent by all parties in preparation for this night. Send out “Thank You’s” to all participant firms promptly and indicate if a selection has been made or note an expected date for the selection to be made.