St. Peter in Fulshear Ground Breaking

Covid-19 may have changed the original groundbreaking plans for the new mission campus for St. Peter in Fulshear, but Saturday, June 20th, after the building pad had been prepared, the congregation joined together on-site to celebrate, worship, and pray over the development and God’s work in the community. Masks, an order of worship, and a small glass jar with the church’s logo printed on top were offered to visitors as they arrived. The ceremony started with a welcome, a scripture reading, followed by a hymn. Following the hymn, each of the Committee Chairs turned a spade full of earth as Pastor Pat Sparks lead the congregation in a responsive reading. One of the 5 shovels, not as shiny as the rest, was from the original church groundbreaking on their Kingsland Campus in 1979. The church was then invited to fill the small jars with the turned dirt as a memento of the ceremony and a reminder to pray. Afterward, all could walk the building pad that had spaces of the building labeled with signs on stakes. The general contractor, Brookstone Construction, helped organize the event providing the ceremonial shovels, and preparing the site to park, gather, and break ground.

  • Signs were staked indicating locations of building spaces on the site



If you’d like to learn more about how ZCA is helping to replicate St. Peter’s UMC past success on the new Fulshear campus take a look at the case study below:

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