Stoller Group

Houston, Texas

Stoller Group, a Houston-based company, creates products that enhance plant nutrition and growth. With the decision to move into a new location, the opportunity arose to create a space that represents the brand that Stoller Group has created. Providing access to daylight for all employees was the first on the list, followed by items such as a “family + community” gathering spot of employees, creating a high tech space with technology and collaboration areas for share knowledge. The finish pallet and materials were carefully selected to reflect nature or be sustainable materials such as cork flooring, bamboo millwork, and recycled glass counter tops. Collaboration and display areas throughout the office provide an opportunity for plant and product display. Visible from the reception area, a light-filled monumental stair strategically connects both floors at the centrally located cafes. Large conference and training rooms are located near the elevators and reception area providing easy access to visitors while at the same time providing privacy for the employees.