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Chandler Johnson


Urban Architecture Studio

Chandler graduated with a Masters of Architecture from University of Houston in 2017, and joined Ziegler Cooper a year later in 2018. He has interned with Overland Partners Architects in San Antonio, Texas, and worked with UH Graduate Design Build Studio in Houston, Texas. He fell in love with architecture and whether through study or practice he knew that his career would stay closely linked to architecture and the built environment. Chandler loves to take in all of Houston’s delights, and when not working, you can catch him wandering around the Menil Collection, watching the Astros, or eating chicken fried steak at Hickory Hollow.

CJ: My role was to take the project from concept design through construction, and since I grew up with parents who brewed their own beer and wine, I was naturally very excited to begin work on the Brewery! Our client’s approach to beer making and their desire to make a positive impact on the community aligned closely with my own values. So, I was pleased when Paradigm Leadership were receptive to the design solutions we proposed.

Q: Over the last few years, Texas has seen an upward trend in the scale and number of breweries. Paradigm Brewery is the latest and largest new brewery in Tomball. What makes the new facility stand out?

CJ: More and more families are looking for a place to get out of the house and spend time together—and few places offer something for everyone. Every design decision we made we asked the question “how does this impact families and the community?” The design goal was to create a safe and welcoming environment that allows people of all ages to enjoy each other, the food and the beer, and to have a memorable experience. And I think the project does just that.

Q: As you transition towards higher density mixed use projects at ZCA what does your future look like?

CJ: I am very optimistic about the potential of our work to leave a lasting positive impact on the community. I see myself continuing to lead large scale projects that fit well within the unique communities we serve, and which set a standard for future development.

Q: Tell us how you knew you wanted to go into Architecture?

CJ: The short version is it took a while! I have always been drawn to music and art. As a kid that passion manifested as performing arts. It wasn’t until sophomore year at Southwestern University that I signed up for an architecture studio—not knowing what I was getting into! I ultimately graduated with a Bachelors of Art History and I concentrated in Roman Art and Architecture. I spent many undergraduate summers working at an archaeological site in Italy, being quite inspired and wondering if I should do research or become a practitioner myself. Fortunately, I love the practice of architecture and there has and always will be room for a historical perspective on every project!

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