Agility for When Life Throws a Curve

The evolution of work is never ending as society itself evolves and therefore the office emerges from time-to-time as a new version of itself. Some workplace trends receiving attention as we navigate our way forward began well before the events of 2020 started to unfold. To a large degree, the pandemic merely accelerated trends already on the drawing boards or at the leading edge of workplace design.


In this series we look at the flexible office – part of the ecosystem of solutions supporting work – as we shine a spotlight on forward-thinking design.

What is Flexibility?

Wearing those work-from-home pants to the office is one way to view flexibility in the workplace, but what is a flexible workplace?

A flexible workplace is an office that can go from fully occupied to partial occupancy (and vice-versa) with minimal to no major changes.

Liz Friedman, Interior Design Director

4 Attributes of the Flexible Workplace

Spaces, Furniture, and Fixtures that Accomodate:

Employee Choice and Space Function

Social Interaction and Collaboration

Growth Plan as a Kit of Parts

Varying Work Modes

Achieving Flexibility in the Workplace

A flexible workplace is the office of the future for today and beyond. A skilled team can help create the components and tools necessary to make your office plan flexible and dynamic to ebb and flow with the business and wellness environment. We can help navigate through all the moving parts to find the solution that fits your unique business, so you’ll be in love with it for years to come.


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Liz Friedman, IIDA, LEED AP BD+C

Liz received her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from the University of Texas at Austin and has 21 years of experience and over 12 years of tenure at Ziegler Cooper. She is a creative and innovative thinker who is driven by designing a better workplace through a story. Liz stays current on workplace design and market sector trends to to understand what is driving change in different industries. Liz has a passion for sustainability that has resulted in numerous LEED certified projects.

Interior Design Director

Liz Friedman