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Williams Tower
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Our Workplace Interiors Studio wanted to create a design solution that would help activate the lobbies in the iconic Williams Tower. Teaming with Yellow Goat Design, we were able to create unique hanging light fixtures that draw in visitors and give tenants an interesting feature to admire when entering the building.


The back lobby, along Waterwall Drive, features 500 three-inch long clear and colored acrylic shards suspended above both escalators. Light breezes from the entry doors and sunlight reflecting off the pink and blue acrylic give the impression of movement and resemble falling water – mirroring the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall adjacent to the building.

The front lobby, along Post Oak Blvd., features a long spiral of clear, triangular prisms suspended from the ceiling at the entry doors. This piece was also heavily inspired by the Waterwall, as well as the Art Deco geometric shapes used throughout the rest of the building.

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Williams Tower

Houston, Texas