Community Architecture

Community Architecture

The Community Architecture Studio at ZCA is comprised of a group of people who love architecture and take pride in our work. We are passionate about partnering with our clients, but more importantly, our work isn’t just our job—we have the incredible honor and privilege to join with you as you build communities and bring people together. We will not push an architectural agenda or force a specific style on your building.


Our design solutions reflect a fresh approach that respects the context, reinterprets historical tradition and transcends immediate circumstances to connect with the client’s vision. We pursue innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit, exploring the influences of each space — the uniqueness of the client, its leadership and current/future employees, visitors and patrons.


Creating civic spaces.

Campus Master Planning

New Construction & Additions

Exterior & Interior Renovations


Feasibility & Space Design Studies


Historic Preservation

Brand Design & Graphics




Worship, Education & Community