Worship Architecture

Worship Architecture

Planning a place of worship is one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings a congregation will experience. Your church’s design is personal, expressive and intimately connected to what you profess. It is an outward expression of your faith and a physical invitation for others to join in the celebration of faith.


Planning is paramount to delivering successful projects, from campus master plans, sanctuaries, chapels and places for discipleship to teaching environments and facilities for administering church business. Every part of the facility contributes to your ability to minister; each space requires careful thought. Every project is an exercise in stewardship. Ziegler Cooper Architects has the skills, experience and the passion, and we are ready to journey with you.


Creating a place of worship.

Campus Master Planning

New Construction & Additions

Exterior & Interior Renovations


Feasibility & Space Design Studies


Historic Preservation

Brand Design & Graphics

Worship Architecture
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